Please note: we worship together with Lord's Grace Chinese Church most 4th Sundays at 11am. Our pastor preaches at these gatherings and his sermon is translated into Mandarin for our Chinese friends.  These special days of worship are noted in our news section.

Mid-week worship

Our home groups meet every other Wednesday at 7pm.


  • Christmas worship

    December 24, 2017
    We will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and worshipping together with The Lord's Grace Chinese Church at 11:00am. Our pastor will be preaching with translation into Mandarin.  Following our worship gathering we will be enjoying a meal together.
  • Current sermon series

    December 03, 2017
    Our pastor is preaching verse-by-verse through 1st Thessalonians.
  • Reformation Day

    October 31, 2017
    500 year ago today a Roman Catholic priest named Martin Luther nailed what he called the 95-Theses to the door of his church in Wittenburg, Germany. This act began what history calls "The Protestant Reformation" which was a very significant event in church history.  If you've never studied the Reformation we encourage you to do so.

Event calendar