Our distinctives

These "distinctives or values" define and enumerate the distinguishing characteristics of how our church applies the Biblical truths of God's Word to the body life of our church.

We are glory of God focused.

    "Man’s chief and highest end is to glorify God and to fully enjoy Him forever” (various historic catechisms). “Glory of God focused” means that we have been created and redeemed by God and for God, therefore, our chief desire is to know Him and promote His glory in every circumstance of life and among all the peoples of the earth. In a word: “…whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1st Cor. 10:31).

We are Christ-centered and Christ-exalting.

    God is most glorified through the Person and work of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. By His unrivaled character and work (merit), He has redeemed for Himself a people (the Church). As His church, we strive above all things to know Him, love Him, praise Him, and serve Him. It is by, through, and for Him that we exist. It is our goal to keep Him the honored center of all that we say and do! “In all things He must have the preeminence…” (Col. 1:18).

We hold to the sufficiency of Scripture.

    We believe that God has provided us in the Scripture with everything necessary to nurture and sustain spiritual life. That means we are committed to teaching, discipling, and counseling directly and exclusively from the Word of God. We teach that secular psychology does not have any legitimate role in the sanctification of the believer. Regarding creation, due to our position on the sufficiency of Scripture we teach that the Book of Genesis provides a straightforward, literal presentation of the historical events it describes. We teach and believe, therefore, that God created everything in six literal days. We reject every form of theistic evolution.

We purpose to be Bible saturated and thoroughly Biblical.

    It is our desire to be thoroughly biblical in the totality of our lives – recognizing that none of us is perfect. Our purpose, our methods, and our goals must be from sound, biblical teaching. We reject the modern concept that biblical goals can be achieved by man-centered, man-empowered methods. Our theology must dictate our methodology.

We practice expository Bible preaching.

    We view the hub of the wheel of God’s church as the preaching of the word of God in the power of the Spirit (2nd Tim. 3:16-4:2). Therefore, the preacher must strive to be thoroughly biblical. He must avoid the temptation of misusing Scripture to support a man-centered or culturally relevant message. The biblical text should be preached exegetically in its historical and grammatical context, giving application for today’s world. The pulpit is indispensable to the church’s growth in knowledge, holiness, and love. It cannot and should not be replaced or diminished.

We purpose to practice Biblical worship.

    Both in our corporate worship gatherings and home groups we sing a blend of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.  The music we use in our worship services strives to lead our church family to glorify God and to edify one another through singing and musical instruments, ministering with spiritual passion and doctrinal integrity, while maintaining high standards of musical excellence. Worship through music is to reinforce the faith through song and to express congregational praise and worship to a transcendent triune God who is our Audience.

We are discipleship focused.

    The purpose of this church to glorify God by obediently making and equipping disciples of Christ, in Citrus Heights and throughout the world, by the power of the Spirit. The primary means employed to disciple believers are expository preaching, small group interaction, accountability, and personal one-on-one discipleship.