Our Servant-Leaders

Dwight Clark - Deacon

Dr. Clark serves our church as a Deacon and has been a part of our church since 1990.  Dwight teaches one of our adult Sunday School Classes, and serves in other areas as needed.  He served our nation in the Air Force for over 20 years in this capacity retiring with the rank of Major serving as a doctor of optometry.  Dwight's wife Clorina serves in a variety of ways.  They have three (3) grown children.  The Clark's hobbies include traveling in their recreational vehicle and taking care of their grandchildren.

John Kane - Pastor/Teacher

John has been serving our church as Pastor-Teacher since 2004.  He is a graduate of International Baptist College & Seminary in Chandler, Arizona and has done postgraduate studies at City Seminary in Sacramento, CA and Cornerstone Seminary in Vallejo, CA.  His ministry emphasis is expository preaching, discipleship and pastoral care.  John’s wife Janet is a registered nurse and worked in that field until the Kane's first child.  The Kane's have two daughters. Janet serves in our church in a variety of ways. In their spare time the Kane’s enjoy spending time together as a family, developing relationships with people that need Christ, and fellowshipping with other believers.